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We're proud to be a leading team of shipping advocates with a single mission: Democratize shipping & logistics by empowering our customers with shipping insights to make better business decisions.


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Our vision is simple: Help customers protect their bottom line.

Companies typically spend anywhere from 3-10% of their revenue on shipping costs. 71lbs wants to change that. We do so by providing outstanding human backed data solutions for forward-thinking individuals who want to make a positive difference to their bottom line.


Jose, CEO
Ellen COO
Melissa, CPO
Amine, Operations

Andrea, Operations
Arelis, Customer Success
Craig, Technology
David, Marketing

Gianina, Admin
Juan, Creative
Lorenzo, Technology
Mel, Operations

Richard, Technology
Roneshia, Customer Success
Sakif, Technology
Sandra, Sales

Susana, Marketing
Tasha, Sales
Tyler, Customer Success

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